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The Phoenix Network is a server where you can play many unique, custom made, mini-games such as BattleBox, Disasters, and KitPVP. Play with your friends in a casual and competitive environment, and have a chance at competing in leagues. With new seasons bringing new games, maps, and leaderboards we can't see any reason for you not to join!

If you have any questions, would like to report a bug, or would like to apeal a ban consider joining our Discord server. If you would like to contribute to our Open Source Software feel free to check out the GitHub

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One of the many gamemodes on the Phoenix Network is Battlebox. Inspired by Minecraft Chapionship, Battlebox is a competitive gamemode in which you are apart of one of 2 teams of 4. Both teams will be pit against eachother in a battle to replace all 9 wool blocks in the middle with that of your own color.


Every player will begin with a kit they choose, though every kit can only be chosen once per team. This will often create an interesting team dyanmic. Every kit will come with atleast a Stone Sword, a Bow, 8 arrows, 64 wool, shears, and leather boots of your team's color.


Disasters is a casual gamemode in which everyone has to a survive a bunch of disasters trying to kill them, these disasters could be things such as a Flood, Floor is Lava, or even Swappage. This gamemode was inspired by Survive the Disasters on Roblox, and Grian's old server's Disasters.